DMR-MARC Network

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network

Our network is an all-digital group of over 500 DMR-MARC repeaters in 47 countries with 24810 registered users. There are 1910 registered DMR repeaters world-wide in our database. we are all amateur radio operators many of whom are Motorola Solutions employees, Motorola Service Station employees, dealers, system installers and Motorola equipment aficionados.

Repeaters on our network are connected all the time. TRBO radios have great voice quality, great coverage, and extended battery life all in LESS THAN 1/3 the channel bandwidth of a traditional analog FM repeater with TWICE as many voice channels! Our mission is to offer you a reliable and scalable choice in connectivity: local, regional, national and international. Isn't it time you upgraded to digital radio's cutting edge?

New Repeaters on the network

    CallsignLocationCountryFrequencyColor CodeOffset
    ZS6VTBBrakfontein, Gauteng/Mpumalanga   South Africa 438.22500 1 7.600
    SW1FMoschato / Athens, Attica   Greece 438.81250 1 -7.600
    KB3TWWETTERS, Pennsylvania   United States 146.44500 1 1.000
    GB3OMOmagh, Northern Ireland   United Kingdom 430.95000 1 7.600
    GB7LYLondonderry, Northern Ireland   United Kingdom 439.66250 1 -9.000
    W0AAIOmaha, Nebraska   United States 442.82500 1 +5.000
    KB1UASCorinna, Maine   United States 145.22000 0 -0.600
    AC4XQNorth Dade, Florida   United States 443.12500 10 +5.000
    WR3IRSWilmington, Delaware   United States 448.42500 1 -5.000
    N2LENSams Point, New York   United States 442.05625 1 +5.000

New Users on the network

    Radio IDCallsignNameLocationCountry
    3123074 N1REX Beau Beausoleil Whitefield, Maine   United States
    3112756 KW4QH Larry L Wright Jr Odessa, Florida   United States
    3132331 KB0UGS Douglas Lizar Las Vegas, Nevada   United States
    3023187 VA3JS Ken Short Alliston, Ontario   Canada
    2384181 OZ6RHO Ren Harder Frederikssund, Hovedstaden   Denmark
    7341002 YV1GAG hernedy arrieta maracaibo, Falcon,Trujillo,Zulia   Venezuela
    3145400 WX4PG Rigdon Mandell Pickens, South Carolina   United States
    4402003 JN2JWA Minoru Urata Shizuoka, Tokai   Japan
    3151264 W4PKR James Rubin Henrico, Virginia   United States
    2341573 M0JFE John Fleetwood, England   United Kingdom

Featured Stories

  • RFinder, the World Wide Repeater Directory
    includes updated DMR repeater listings from the DMR-MARC registration database. RFinder is available on your smartphone and computer to make your travel on DMR more enjoyable.

  • The Weekly Tech Net has moved back to North America TG (3) at 0200 UTC Thursday (Wednesday night in the Americas - 9pmET, 8CT, 6PT)

  • Please join us for the UK Net now Mondays @ 2000 UTC on TG13! This was a very popular UK net before the guys in the UK gractiously have expanded the net to now cover the entire world. Now we can all participate!

  • The language talkgroups- TG10, 11, 13, 14, 15 have been launched in Europe. These worlwide language talkgroups are available to most repeater trustees. If you do not have access, send us an email. REMEMBER- TG1 should only be used as a CALLING CHANNEL for less than 2 mins. Then switch to another talkgroup. For now, the worldwide net will remain on TG1 also.

  • Please use TG13 Worldwide English outside North America if you have it on your system. Otherwise use TG3 North America until it becomes available.

  • TAC310 has been added to many of the DMR-MARC core repeaters as a trial. It can be accessed onDemand with PTT using TS1 TG310. This means it is not active until you PTT on that talkgroup. It has a 5 minute inactivity timeout. If we notice there are no issues we will keep the talkgroup as part of our network.

  • The DMR Sandbox project has launched. This is a way for developers to design features and interfaces to our network without disrupting it. Think of DMR-MARC as the stable version of the platform and the DMR Sandbox as the developmental version. However, if you want the local, statewide, regional, national, and international talkgroups you'll want to stay with DMR-MARC. The DMR Sandbox does not allow cross patches into stable networks. It is purely a developers playground.

  • Calibrate your Audio with the help of NorCal DMR. You must use Google Chrome for this utility. Just key up on TS1 TG9999 to use it. Right now, this is only available on a few bridges including the DMR-MARC core bridges. So, if your audio does not work, contact Tim, K6BIV and request a CC connnection from NorCal to your bridge. We are using a 2 min time out timer on DMR-MARC core bridges.

  • We are excited to announce a new Worldwide French Talkgroup 11. This talkgroup is available in France, the Montreal area, and areas near Geneva Switzerland.

  • DMR UK has launched its new website.

  • DMR-MARC is proud to announce the launch of our Worldwide Portuguese talkgroup (15)! These new talkgroups are in addition to the English (3), Spanish (14), Dutch (22), German (20), Italian (222), Finnish (244), and Swedish (240) talkgroups that we offer. DMR-MARC is committed to building relationships with native languages and making your user experience enjoyable as it can be. Contact Us if you would like to be connected to any of these talkgroups.

  • North American, European, Australia-New Zealand, and African versions of the CPS Contacts List Generator are now functional. Check under Member Toolbox.

  • Read all about DMR in Great Britain in the November 2013 issue of RADCOM

  • DMR-MARC needs your help! We're looking for additional curators for our Facebook site to help keep it current with good quality content related to the growth of DMR within amateur radio, plus the latest DMR-MARC news. Good writing skills and experience with blogging would be a definite asset. If interested, please message us via Facebook with your application now! - DON, VA3XFT

  • Windsor hams demonstrate DMR at Field Day 2013.

  • DMR-MARC on Amateur Radio Newsline (1 March 2013): Audio or Text

  • Read all about DMR-MARC at the Ontario Science Centre. Thanks VA3XPR!

  • BEWARE! CPS 8.5 requires a 25 kHz entitlement key to program 25 kHz analog channels. The entitlement key is free with a paid CPS subscription but we see no need to update subscriber firmware newer than R01.09.10 using CPS 8.0

  • See our movie star, Dave K3UCB, at Dayton for an interview with Ham Radio Now

Network Update

  • Please make sure you read the radio programming instructions before transmitting on the network!

  • FIRMWARE MATRIX - We HIGHLY recommend ALL DMR-MARC trustees and bridge partners to ONLY use the below firmware. This helps minimize system incompatibilities.
    Repeaters ONLY R02.30.20
    Mobiles and Portables
    R01.09.10* (or newer)
    Mobiles and Portables
    R02.30.01 (or newer)
    CP200d, CM300d, XPR2500
    Mobiles and Portables
    R01.00.00 (or newer)
    C-Bridge ONLY 8200
    SmartPTT Server and Dispatcher 8.4

  • Are you experiencing packet loss from DMR-MARC? Well, stop and read this and you may understand the bigger reason why and it's not our fault. In fact, we have designed a workaround for World and NAm feeds for those bridges that face the UDP throttling. Note: this is not just a Cogent and Verizon issue. Other ISPs are causing similar headaches. Contact Us if you need help. Please be sure to voice your complaints with your local ISP and Cogent. Tell them to stop throttling packets.

  • IMPORTANT!!   Repeater Firmware R02.30.20 has been released. Please update your repeater immediately. NEVER BLINDLY UPGRADE TO THE LATEST VERSION OF REPEATER FIRMWARE!!! Newer firmware is not always better. Sometimes it has serious flaws. Only follow the Firmware Matrix suggestions. You have been warned. Again.

  • ADVISORY!  If you upgrade an XPR4550 or XPR6550 past R01.09.10, you will need a 25 kHz entitlement key for wideband 25 kHz analog channels. Therefore, we recommend R01.09.10 and CPS version 8 for programming those units.

  • The Nebraska Network is now active! Use TG3131 on TS2 for statewide comms.

  • New NorCal talkgroups have been launched, some with new time slots. See the Networked Repeater map.

  • The Lonestar Network is now active! If you have a Texas MOTOTRBO repeater and are interested in joining the Lonestar Network which is connected to DMR-MARC and a statewide Texas network on slot 2, email Jim Hopper, W5EBQ.

  • We have launched regional talkgroups on time slot 2. These talkgroups are only be available for contacts within the region. If you are outside the region you must use TG3 North America for region to region contacts, just like before. Note: Your master repeater's location dictates if you have access to the regional talkgroup. For example, peers of K9MOT have access to the Midwest Talkgroup, peers of NE1B have access to the Northeast talkgroup, peers of the RMHR and NoCo groups have access to the Mountain talkgroup, peers of Norcal, Arizona, and Hawaii have access to the Southwest talkgroup, etc.

  • Regional Talk Group Status:
    Talkgroup Name Group Call Activation
    Northeast 3172
    Mid-Atlantic 3173
    Southeast 3174
    Texas-Oklahoma 3175
    Southwest 3176
    Mountain 3177
    Midwest 3169

  • NETWORK ISSUES: If you notice any problems, complete the form under the Contact Us link at the top of the page. This way your observation gets routed to the specialists. Complaining on the air, even during the weekly net, will do you no good. Thanks for your patience and help in this matter. If you have any additional detailed questions, contact your local repeater trustee.

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    Future Locations on our Network

    • Cedar Lake, IN
    • Germantown, WI
    • Chicago (downtown), IL

    Do you have a coordinated repeater pair, a repeater site identified, and high speed access? Would you like to be our newest network affiliate? Apply to join our network today!