DMR-MARC Networked Repeaters

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DMR-MARC Network = Green / Europe Blue
North Carolina PRN Network = Magenta
DCI Network = Light Blue
Arizona Network = Yellow
NorCal Network = Peach Balloon
KØUSY Kansas Network = Purple
SF-TRBO = Red Tack
Georgia DMR = Blue Tack
DMR-MARC-ANZ = Light Blue Tack
DMR-MARC-Canada = Pink Tack
WØPM = Yellow Tack
Rocky Mtn. Ham Radio = Light Blue/Black Dot
NJ-TRBO = Purple Tack
CMEN/Mi5 = Multiple Lower Michigan Repeaters are connected but unpublished at request of sys admin.

Repeater Health Status
Note: Not all affiliated repeaters are listed. To have yours listed contact DL5DI. The Hytera repeater network is NOT part of DMR-MARC, nor will it ever be. That is an independent DMR network with an incompatible IPSC platform. MotoTRBO repeaters are required for all DMR-MARC affiliates.