Innovators & Experimenters Welcome!


You've asked for it. Now it's here!

The DMR Sandbox is a project sponsored by DMR-MARC for experimenters who want to develop new features specifically for amateur radio DMR while not disrupting a large and stable network with many users. While DMR-MARC is a very structured network focused on stability and availability in 20 countries, the DMR Sandbox is much smaller. Patches between DMR and other technologies such as D-Star, Allstar, Echolink, and IRLP are permitted on the Sandbox network. However, the sandbox network does not feature any connections to DMR-MARC, DCI, or Hytera international, national, or statewide DMR networked talkgroups. The DMR-Sandbox is a unique network, with unique talkgroups, and a unique purpose!

You can help!


The DMR-MARC Network has a few items that we'd like your help on developing.
1. FCC Compliant TRBO-APRSIS position software. We need the subscriber especially to be compliant with FCC rules.
2. Automated text messages for severe weather warnings
3. Homebrewed, inexpensive access point dongles with excellent digital audio.
4. Front panel programming kits and software.
5. Automated calendar events to text messaging interface
6. Contact list expansion and callsign aliasing methods
7... Or any other good ideas you have!

Sandbox Rules