Audio Calibration - IMPORTANT!

By default, Motorola radios are shipped with AGC enabled. Motorola radios seem to respond better on our network with AGC turned off. Audio on the DMR-MARC network can sound purely awesome if our radios are programmed correctly or for some it can be piercingly loud if we use the default settings. It's not necessarily the radio's fault. These radios are meant to be used from quiet school administrator offices to loud mining compounds. So the radios must be flexible and the audio settings can be complicated to get just right.

Please set your radio's audio amplitudes according to the following table as a starting point for our amateur network. Everyone uses their mic differently. If you hear someone on the air with loud audio, please give them a friendly reminder that we have these tools available. They probably don't even realize their audio is hot!

Disabling/Modifying Mobile AGC

Disabling/Modifying Portable AGC